Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can I apply a decal to? Vehicle Windows, Vehicle Body Surfaces, Motorcycles, Mopeds, Bicycles, Helmets, Tractors, Trailers, Toolboxes, ATV's, Jet Skis, Surfboards, Snowmobiles, Snowboards, Skateboards, Drums, Guitars, Mirrors, Laptop Cases, Desktop Computer Towers, Boats, Hard Hats, Walls, Smooth Painted Surfaces, Store Windows, Plastic Boxes, Printers, Lockers, Doors, Laminate Surfaces or just about any surface that is smooth and clean!

2.  How do I request a mirror cut (facing the opposite direction)? 
 Email me at directly after placing your order and request your decal or decals to be reverse cut. Include your order number.

3.  Can these decals go on the inside of car or store windows?  Yes but make sure your windows are not tinted because the decal will not show through.  You would also need to ask for the decal to be reversed cut so it can be seen normally from the outside.


4.  Are these decals re-useable like the static cling-on?  No, these are not static cling-ons.  They can be applied only once.  


5.  My window has dark tint, what color do you recommend?  White or any bright color such as light orange or yellow because it will stand out the most on any dark surface.


6.  Do you do custom designs?  Yes, email me your custom design ideas and I can quote you an initial artist fee.


7.  What is the biggest size you can offer?  Height = 23 inches.  Length = 94 inches.


8.  Are these decals permanent?  No, they can be removed by peeling them off the application surface.


9.  Is it difficult to install larger decals say 14" or bigger?  Yes, it could be quite challenging if it is your first time applying decals.  It is recommended that you start out with a smaller decal (5 inch or so) so you get the feel for it.  Or you could find someone who is experienced to installing decals and ask them for help.  You can find these people at your local Car Tint Shop or Sign Store.  You only got one shot at applying your decal correctly and in the right spot.  If you're unsure, don't be afraid to get help.